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Originally Posted by airsquirrels View Post
I’m just here to say hurrah for a (potential) new prime.

Alas I am both late to the party, and haven’t kept up with the latest overpriced NVIDIA cards so I can’t offer anything unique to the verification efforts. And since it sounds like the initial run was on CUDA, a non-GPU verification is probably best.
The original was a CPU run with Prime95 28.9 so there's my own verification run as a "just to make sure" but the official double-check would need to be a different program (i.e. mlucas, cudalucas, whatever).

ATH is doing a cudalucas run. I wouldn't personally be opposed to letting you run something if you were able to get it done quicker but at this point even a fast GPU might only finish at about the same time?

Wouldn't hurt to have someone run it with mlucas just as an extra validation. I'm not running any Linux distros at the moment and too lazy to set one up, otherwise I'd totally give that a shot.
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