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Originally Posted by 10metreh View Post
Only 3 nontrivial dependencies? I've never seen anything that low. Could the sqrt have failed on all of them?
Obviously you're not living right. (Special note: this already factored for me, no need to waste any time on it.)
factoring 209612803501572769613503479346205323106543199395228972781161784934907857678327057 (81 digits)
[. . . .]
matrix is 42204 x 42316 with weight 923155 (avg 21.82/col)
matrix includes 64 packed rows
commencing Lanczos iteration
lanczos halted after 669 iterations
recovered 1 nontrivial dependencies
c81 factor: 209612803501572769613503479346205323106543199395228972781161784934907857678327057
BTW, for those of you following along at home:
prp32 factor: 14202981758988057504195921169853
prp50 factor: 14758366028944853574664033531885329816029769322469
Maybe there's something special about my small numbers!

Shoot.....only a 1/32768 chance. Not quite enough to go play the lottery yet! (Or am I off by a factor of 2?)

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