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Originally Posted by schickel View Post
I batch factor my aliquot composites overnight, so I don't have anything but the log on this one:
factoring 55213655784106271888811487247969833626739949447886509091046186980242042559027585931 (83 digits)
. . . . . 
matrix is 44650 x 44762 with weight 1045028 (avg 23.35/col)
matrix includes 64 packed rows
commencing Lanczos iteration
lanczos halted after 707 iterations
recovered 3 nontrivial dependencies
c83 factor: 55213655784106271888811487247969833626739949447886509091046186980242042559027585931
elapsed time 00:25:26
Only 3 nontrivial dependencies? I've never seen anything that low. Could the sqrt have failed on all of them?

I'll run that one here to see if I get the same thing.

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