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Default New processors and chipsets

Intel's next products are well on the way.

For example Gigabyte just announced a 975 based board which they say will be in your local shop in about 2 weeks time (we expected to see these in January).

975 supports the upcoming processors Presler and Conroe etc.

The board can also split its x16 pci-express slot into two x8 slots.

See details in "news" on the Gigabyte website


Intel's next chips are the 9xx to repace current 8xx dualcore.

They will have virtualisation, TWICE the L2 cache, and are made on the 65nm process so should be cooler. got hold of some 9xx and compared HEAT (which relates to power consumption) against 8xx processors.

I'm impressed by their results. Something like 3.4Ghz 9xx ran as cool as a 2.8GHz 8xx chip.

This should all be good news for GIMPS.

The extra L2 cache might speed up the fft, and the cost to leave a machine running 24x7 will come down (or we can have a faster processor for the same consumption).

If anyone gets their hands on one of these please post results to the perpetual benchmark thread.
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