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Any score of 10 or more usually makes a crack posting no different from any other crank posting. As they say, "you cannot win for losing". Any of these postings is a wasting of an unsuspecting reader's time. There is no large difference. (Also, if you think that the mods are expected to calculate the score then you are mistaken - these are primarily for the person who writes a post. First step is they learn that they have a problem. Second step is that they admit it and start working on improving that. In the ideal worlds, of course. Many don't get over the 1st step. Ever.)

I have to warn you that your posting comes across as a provocation to e-bullying. Let's make a note and if this thread goes on to offend people - you will bear the (large part of the) blame. Have you considered that a large proportion of the population is unable to distinguish a criticism of their post and a personal insult to them? Is that their problem? They don't think so. Of course, it isn't - it's yours!
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