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Indeed, perhaps I abused the word "everyone". You, at least, are exempt from this group. Otherwise I will cite as evidence that several people have stated or implied that this work is without value, and so far nobody has presented a contrary opinion.

Still, to give you the benefit of the doubt, can you explain what value this work does have? I.e. what is interesting about your work? Not the result, clearly, since I think everyone was quite convinced that 59649589127497217 is a factor of F7; so it must be the method. What makes your method worth studying? What is there to learn from it?

Note that I am not asking these questions in a judgmental, rhetorical way (i.e. to imply that the answer is "nothing"). I am genuinely curious as to what value you think this adds to mathematics.

You asked me a philosophical question. That is why I will not answer it. There were always such questions i.e. when Four Colors Th. was proved there were such questions, the same about Bieberbach Th, and even Fermat's Th. These are hard questions to answer, especially to people, who don't know mathematics or to the people like you, who are convinced that something is worthless.
Anyway, don't ask me such questions, because I am not a philosopher. I don't mind if you have your own opinion, and even I will appreciate it.
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