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Originally Posted by literka View Post
At least I supported my statement with some facts.
False. You presented no facts.

This what you wrote (your way of thinking) can be reversed for your case.
This last sentence is gibberish. Your prose is on a level with your mathematics.

You boldly write that my assertion is incorrect and you give no arguments.
You presented a naked statement and you assume this as a fact.
What I wrote is supported by an extensive publication history on the part
of the mathematical community in which computer proof systems have been
developed, used, and discussed. It is only YOUR ignorance of the
literature which leads you to erroneously believe that there is no evidence.

I am part of the mathematical community. I talk
with other mathematicians all the time. I attend conferences where
people talk. I am asked to referee papers where people use computers
as part of their work.

I took part in the active discussion regarding Haken & Appel's proof when
it was first presented. Extensive discussion followed in the 80's over the
Internet. There was never a question of the validity of the proof method.
The only question was about the accuracy of the code that was used and
of the reliability of the computation. Doubts were dispelled when others
performed an independent verification using other computers and source

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