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Originally Posted by literka View Post
I don't want to ague with you about it, it is not a subject of this post. No statistics is made. I heard the story, but it is only a story, I am not sure that it is a true story. And the story is this:
Long time ago it was announced that a proof of Four Colors Theorem was found. It was presented in Finland and I talked to mathematicians, who were there. They did not accept this proof because of use of computers. They even told that the method was known long before. Presenters just wrote a program to verify what was known before.
This is everything I know about it. I heard this from a second hand so I cannot be sure that it is true.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is especially applicable in your case. You heard a second hand story, yet you presented the
"computer proof is not accepted by mathematicians" assertion as fact.

The story, as you heard is is half true. But you carefully omitted
relevant facts, probably out of ignorance rather than an attempt at
deceit. Despite this, you still made a bold, incorrect assertion.
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