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Question Zhang's OPQBT coding help?

I was reading a paper regarding a probabilistic primality test known as the One Parameter Quadratic Base Test (which I cannot attach to this post since it exceeds 244.1 kb, but PM me if you want it), and I was wondering if anyone could code an algorithm which searches for pseudoprimes that pass this primality test. I ask because I recently derived an upper-bound for the distribution of One Parameter Quadratic Base pseudoprimes (with Charles' gracious assistance), and I wanted to test it. If anyone can code such an algorithm, I would most definitely make them co-author of the paper, and if not, I was wondering if any of you know anyone else who can help me count these One Parameter Quadratic Base pseudoprimes (outside of mersenneforum of course).

Essentially, the One Parameter Quadratic Base Test is a concatenation of several different tests. First, it runs a nonperfect square pretest using Newton's method, and then runs two subsequent sprp subtests. The test is described in Definition 2.2 of the paper (pg. 1702).
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