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Originally Posted by Richard Cameron View Post
I don't know what to make of this. I wasn't driving in 1983 but I have driven since. AFAIK speed limits in UK have always been in miles per hour.
1) I have a distinct recollection of seeing a metric speed limit sign through the window of a tour bus (I did no driving there). However, I readily concede that my memory could be faulty -- I've discovered that a few other clear memories are definitely factually incorrect, and I don't claim exemption from studies that show that eyewitness testimony is unreliable. My use of the plural "signs" could easily be an invalid generalization from that single observation.

2) Perhaps it was a test case ... that there were at that time a few metric speed limit signs on certain highways? ... perhaps they were placed alongside mile-per-hour signs? Indeed, that might be why I remember that sign but not others.

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I apologize for sidetracking this thread.

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Can you split out the metric comments into a separate "Status of Metrication" thread?

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