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I have successfully factorized: C170 = P85 * P85. For various reasons I won't post the exact result until 27th Feb. (deadline for this bonus challenge) Thank you everyone for helping.

In the past we have had students complete big factorizations (i.e. 160 digits) in a remarkably short time, by taking over idle computer labs.

To be safe, I got up to ~120% of minimum relations needed, and got 30 nontrivial dependencies at the end. Dependency number 1 worked anyway. Oh well.

Apparently I had to convert my .poly into .fb to start the linear algebra phase with

During the -nc2 phase my windows crashed (BSOD), and the .mat file became 0 bytes for some reason. The .dat file was also re-written. but luckily we have .gz backup. I think it's a RAM issue, as I had chrome with multiple tabs opened.

I'll try and see if I can reproduce the low CPU/GPU usage issue that started this thread.

Besides that, I'm probably going to grab an aliquot sequence to work on. I was looking into helping factordb too, but it doesn't seem 100% stable at the moment.
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