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Originally Posted by GeoffreyY View Post
One problem though, sometimes after invoking the command, the uni computer reports the .exe is not responding. I think it took a bit too long to create the .afb.0 file. They all have the same size (14,951,800 bytes), are they all identical? If I simply copy, paste and rename the files, I no longer have the occasional crash at start-up, but I'm not sure if I should do that.

Sorry if my questions are getting bothersome. I'm partly recording the process for myself for when I come back in the future. Thanks!
No, the .afb files do change from range to range, and it's not wise to move/rename them.

Threads like this become reference material when the next person comes along, so your idea of recording the process for yourself is wise.

(I don't know the answer to spairs.add, so I didn't address that question)
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