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Between the time I finished sieving my latest NFS job and decided which machine to run the LA on after the matrix building, I managed to finish about 1000+ certificates. I'm going to do the LA on my hex-core, so I'm about done with the certificates for a while.
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I am, once again, done. I am not sure where the sheer quantity of numbers right around 1k dd are coming from.
I know "where" (why) but I don't know "who". The greater majority of the certs I just did were all of the form (10^{320}+m)/n or (10^{1000}+m)/n. So it looks like someone is just generating 310-320 digit or 980-1000 digit primes for some reason. As of right now there are just over 4,000 PRPs under 3000 digits waiting.

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