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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
What we are doing is coordinating an effort to prove as many of the Sierpinski and Riesel conjectures as possible for bases 2 to 32 that are not currently being worked on by other projects.

Why? What's the point? There are plenty of active projects already.
Why not contribute to one of them.

What does this new project give? I can't imagine that it will be of
much interest to number theorists.

I see this as another instance of the "instant gratification generation".

The older projects require EFFORT to obtain their results. Any new
project will achieve quick results by picking off the "low hanging fruit".
Then of course, it will be abandoned and something new started again.
I have see this happen many times.

I remind people that the reward and satisfaction that comes from
obtaining a result increases with the difficulty of finding that result.

Didn't your mother ever tell you "finish what you start before starting
something else"???
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