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I thought I should clarify a little bit here. We are not asking if it is worthy as an 'official prime search project'. And by that I mean, one that is defined as such on the top-5000 site. Clearly it's too soon for that. We are simply asking if it is worthy of it's own sub forum here at mersenneforum. In other words, is there a reasonable possibility that it could generate plenty of long-term interest such that it would become a big problem to maintain in the other projects forum? I think that is a very real possibility and is why I started this poll.

Maybe it wasn't clear in the project desciption but we have no intention of limiting it to only bases <= 32 in the future. Certainly 'filling in the holes' for bases <=32 is the intial push but I'm not one to limit the scope of such efforts. If people are solely concerned about testing times, then we can focus on bases that are powers of 2 as high as we want to take the bases.

I have another poll started in the project forum that asks what direction people feel the effort should take. Anyone who sees this is free to vote in that one also. It is not a public poll like this one is.

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