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It's too soon to tell. The project is less than a week old.

A while ago, Jasong started a mini project to sieve and eventually search for 10M digit primes: Although it was interesting enough to bring in a few participants and 200 posts, it never got its own forum, and the project has not had any activity since August.

Also, it's uncertain whether this project can grow big enough to have its own sub-forum, since it lacks the following:

1.) Fame and/or glory. There is virtually no possibility that the project can find the largest prime or the largest prime of a specific form (twin, cullen, generalized fermat, etc).

2.) Less work. Why search for base 9, base 26, or base 30 primes if you can search for base 2 primes that are larger and take a shorter time to test? Sure, there are some exceptions (bases 4, 8 and 16) but they are only a small minority of the project, which goes to base 31.

3.) Uniqueness. There is already a well-established sierpinski/riesel project (and a forum for it) for people who don't want to search for base 2 primes but still want to prove a conjecture and enjoy searching low-weight k's.

4.) Financial incentive. The few people who search primes mainly for the money will join GIMPS, not this project.

5.) Tradition. There is a 50+ year history of mathematicians trying to find the lowest Sierpinski number for base 2: The same cannot be said for non-base 2 sierpinski/riesel candidates, which makes it much more satisfying to solve the base 2 sierpinski/riesel problem than to solve non-base 2 sierpinski/riesel problems.
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