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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
Nobody can understand what you are asking for. If you want meaningful discussion, then the ball is in your court...

If what you want is to angrily wave your hands until this thread gets locked, then by all means continue.
I'm sincerely sorry for my unclear statements.
CR, thank you for clarifying your intent. When I take exception to someone's statements I have started addressing them rather than letting them pass as I have in the past. I didn't like your wording but I acknowledge that it wasn't mean spirited so I apologize for my retaliatory comments.
Bsq'd, I don't get emotional about this kind of thing for this and future reference because it's a waste of time and I much prefer addressing the issue rather than any accompanying baggage. I'm not too keen on gratuitous statements that add nothing to an issue as well.

I don't believe I asked for help of any kind with the initial post in this thread. If I do have a problem where I am soliciting help/advice I will ask for it explicitly as I had done so in the past.
Regarding the questions of the "general solution of the integer factorization problem" and the "distribution of the prime numbers", these are tough questions and I was wondering if there was any noteworthy conceptual breakthrough of any kind regarding these questions. I thought my subsequent comments/statements were declarative rather than something asking for help.

Anything I would post within a forum that could have great significance would be buried within several layers of abstraction at the very least or would be of such generality or specificity as to be useless without other components. As a public forum providing a public service (and I have been helped immensely from various members of this forum both past and present through their posts) I interact accordingly.

I have PM'd members in the past delving a little deeper into certain things (including Silverman who I found to be a very nice and helpful gentleman) but again only to a certain threshold.

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