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Originally Posted by Mark Rose View Post
That would be the case if the schema were correctly designed. But I have a feeling that's not the case, as usage has evolved over the years.
It's not necessarily that it's hard to come up with queries that get the right results, it's just taking the time to do it... which, for me, means researching where the existing queries live, how they work, and then figuring out how to mod it to include the PRP results (which live in their own table... it's different work than LL and was added *way* after the fact, so yeah... it has its own home )

Since adding PRP to the site, I hope folks appreciate that adding a new feature like that and then going back through and fixing all kinds of reports behind the scenes is one of those things with lots of moving parts. Personally I didn't really mind thinking that it would be done here and there as time permitted. Y'all are just impatient. LOL
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