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Default PrimeNet Statistics page off

I wanted to find why there would be a lone unknown exponent in the 77 to 78M range.

- The Detailed report / Exponent status is not outputing correctly in text-only format : when pasted the lines are missing an end of line character. One can use the text-only report if one goes through "view source". I abandoned the idea of doing this 56 times :-(

- Another query brought out an anomaly : I used the PrimeNet Known Factors of Mersenne Numbers, counted the factored exponents and found 35813 and not 35812 as stated in the PrimeNet statistics page. With 35813 the numbers tally.

Could it be that all the manipulations to hide new primes are the cause of that kind of errors ?
Since people get more and more adept at finding them as soon as the news of a new prime is out, the changes done to hide them have gotten more complex. Perhaps not all changes have been undone (in this range and in others...)

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