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M77732573 and M77879497 should complete in a couple of days.
These exponents have completed and now the Work Distribution Map shows no exponents anymore under "Status Unproven: LL ERR" for the 77M line.

This was to be expected, since the previous 76M range already had a similar situation for some time. There are two exponents (76347737 and 76564567) which have a single LL test which is Suspect, but each of these also has two matching PRP tests (since February), and there are no "LL ERR" entries there either.

So now the remaining anomaly for the 77M line is: 1 exponent under "Status Unproven: NO-LL" and 35812 under "Composite: F", when it really should be none and 35813, respectively.

Maybe it's not even a PRP issue. There are no PRP assignments currently in the 77M range.

Madpoo, can you look at the SQL to see which exponent is causing the NO-LL?
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