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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Also, there are no columns for PRP performed or PRP DC or P-1 performed counts or TF performed counts. It's hard to tell in what ranges the various algorithms haven't even been tried yet. The table is wide now, but there's room on my screen and probably many others to widen it further.
As noted, PRP still needs work to be integrated into reporting. The most important part that had to be done server side was simply to set it up to assign and accept PRP work because that sort of work was already happening before the server was really ready to do anything with it.

Unfortunately that also means a lot of the reporting needs to be modified and speaking for myself, schedule-wise this has been a pretty packed time which means I haven't has much time to work on the site beyond the basic maintenance. I've gone as far as creating PRP specific report pages just like LL, but when it comes to the aggregate reports that display summary progress of ranges, yeah, that all needs to be spiffed up.

I've had a task to convert that range stats to an actual HTML table anyway, but right now it's generated in a somewhat unconventional way which makes changing it more complicated. You'll all have to bear with it for now and be patient. I think the 77M-78M range is the first one to have a mix of LL and PRP first time tests in there which make it complete, but the range report isn't properly reflecting that...

Anyway, to summarize, be patient and it will be worked on as time allows.
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