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Similarly, the outstanding NO-LL is most likely due to a hung assignment on M77231809. The system seems to think that the first-time PRP assignment is still outstanding, despite the fact that the result was already submitted. No LL test was ever done on this exponent, nor should it be at this point. Again, doing an early PRP double-check will likely resolve the problem, by shifting it into confirmed-composite status. I am poaching this exponent to do that, it's about 25% complete.
Hmmm. The PRP double-check of M77231809 completed about four-and-a-half hours ago, but there is still a stubborn "1" in the "Status Unproven: NO-LL" column. It did clear the "1" in the "Assigned: LL" column, though.

M77732573 and M77879497 should complete in a couple of days.
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