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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
I think a query should be run regularly over the whole 0 to 1000M range to eliminate active assignments that are more than 60 (or being generous 90) days late. Such a query does not need to run daily, monthly is more than enough, especially after the first run.
Does it really need to be run over the entire range up to 1 billion?

Consider M332,197,123. Someone supposedly started a manually-assigned double-check, although with zero progress and no updates since it was assigned two-and-a-half years ago.

It probably wouldn't be scheduled for a normal double check until the 2030s. Anyone who wanted to could poach it, or maybe a result will miraculously be returned in the meantime.

But does it really matter if we let that ghost assignment linger? We only need to expire forgotten assignments in active ranges, where they're actually holding up progress.
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