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Default forgotten or orphan assignments

It seems one of the PrimeNet Assignment Rules is not enforced :
PrimeNet Assignment Rules
Since PrimeNet began, the server has recycled exponents where the client 
computer is 60 days past due in updating the server. This rule has been 
fairly effective and will continue.
I queried the current active assignments. I excluded the ranges where there are too many active assignments because of the limit in the query page. I found more than 1700 that were more than 60 days late reporting. A lot of them are obviously forgotten assignments : probably on a machine that crashed and was reinstalled or scraped.

I think a query should be run regularly over the whole 0 to 1000M range to eliminate active assignments that are more than 60 (or being generous 90) days late. Such a query does not need to run daily, monthly is more than enough, especially after the first run.

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