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Didn't see this till now, couldn't find a place to put it. Feel free to delete it if the wrong place. I didn't do any Fermat-related ECM in the last 365 days, and I feel like racing alone and arriving the second

Click image for larger version

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Therefore I scheduled one curve for F25, to wash the shame... hehe...

[edit: to be more clear, I am in position 110, from 109 participants, and there is no manipulation of the picture, beside of masking irrelevant numbers. If you have no work at all, the row in the table and the bar in the graph are not shown at all, which is ok. This anomaly happens only if you have some work done, which is older than 365 days, and no work in the last 365 days, and it happens for all work types, not only for ECM]

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