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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
Is bcheffin's tool running on all sequences including ones that have been reserved for other projects?
Without a close read of the code (just going by a cursory glance and the README), if a sequence is not reserved in the main thread and it has a composite under the current threshhold, the composite will be factored.
I was a little surprised this morning to find that sequence 515028 had been taken a hundred iterations further than I'd had it ... I put my factors into the database and it was left there as a down-driver.
If it was under the threshhold, it would have been factored if the size of the reamining composite was small enough.
For me, at least part of the goal of the enormous attack on below-400 sequences was the chance to get some terminations; if my sequences are going to be run on by someone else as soon as I put them in the database, this goal goes away.
I wouldn't like losing your contribution to the project.

Maybe Ben could take the current sequences for Project 400 from his master list so they don't get worked on. This would probably be easiest, since there is not a sticky post at the top of the thread with a list of the current reservations. (And I would like to keep the project structured the way it is, since not all the sequences in this project will end up reserved in the main thread.)
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