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Default blank page when getting assignments

I think this issue should come to the technical support/group.

When I submit requested exponent to get assignments, the loading page will be eventually blank without nothing.

But I can found assignments in my account page.

Then I just see the exponent, but never I could find the detailed information for each exponent which have just assigned to my account.
So, I had to delete them (Am I naive because I just dont know where to get them in detail?)
-----as for this point, I can just find "manage your work assignment preferences" and "review your completed work assignments, stats and facts" from the "gettingstarted" page.

Then, I am thinking could it be possible to keep those generated information being listed in our account page? [surely I know there are kind of listing in our account page, but it does really nothing help if I got blank-return-page while getting assignments.]

Could someone write a page for sth like "manage your assignments (including )"?
Such as listing all assignments in a table, in terms of:

|job-type |unique-job-id |exponent1 |depth |times

I think this kind of page will be useful especially someone also would have the same issue as I mentioned here.

Any possible?
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