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Default speed

The fastest way is probably a fixed N search.
At least thats what it used to be when i was searching for primes. I don't know about changes in sieving, but fixed N sieving used to be much faster. Besides, the size of the number doesn't grow (much) if you don't find a prime.
Just my 2 cents
Yes, as far as I know fixed n sieving is much faster.
If you use RMA, Newpgen and LLR are automated, and return primes the quickest using this method.

Download RMA from the yahoo primeform group, and then copy MSCOMCTL.ocx, and COMDLG32.ocx, from your windows\system32 folder.
Place them into the same folder as Newpgen, and LLR .

Then click "preferences", "other options", and make sure "RMA enabled", is not checked.


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