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Default I've kind of figured out leftist hatred of Christians

Apparently, the US was formed on the basis of Protestant ideas, and one of those ideas is the idea of all Christians being priests, meaning that we're all at the same level, all equal. This is where part of the idea of human equality came from, that everyone deserves to be equal under the law, equally respected, and equally judged.

Then a monk came along that felt like sin was unnatural and men "want" to be good. That's part of what is now the leftist ideology and why the left hates Christianity, because the Bible teaches that we are created depraved and actually prefer evil.

And now we've got demented morning show hosts celebrating cross-dressing 11-year old's as if it's a totally normal thing and drag queen story hour where perverts are encouraged to read to children.

Yes, it is truly the last days before the Church gets Raptured and the world goes through 7 360-day years of Tribulation. At the exact midpoint of that is where World War 3 starts.
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