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@VBCurtis: It seems more like I could let one thread run free and use the -param 0 on the rest. This is actually quite easy to accomplish across my machines with the scripts I'm using. I shall probably give it a try.

I will probably have to wait for later today, but I'll gather the curves I have and look at what we were figuring earlier. It seems like we were expecting to do 1000 above what we already had as of Sunday. I will try to turn my capable machines over to stage 2 on a few curves and pass the rest to you. That way I'm still working on some at the same time. Sound like a plan?

@WraithX: If I'm following correctly, s will be the same value for all iterations with the same B1. If I'm not lost yet, in my case, this would mean all my threads would be using the same s. With slight modification, could I not calculate s outside of the threads and reference it to each thread? I should be able to lock a memory space with my original calling script and then pass the location to all threads (unless all indexing is now relative and unique between processes). This should be persistent until the initial script closes. I would need to free the location prior to that close and that would have to be after all child scripts have completed. Is that something that sounds like I'm on a possible path, or have I stumbled too far over a ledge?

Thanks everyone...
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