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Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
How many simultaneous threads are you running on the same machine? If it's a large enough number, maybe you're exceeding the total physical memory of the machine.
I'm using either two or four threads (based on what linux shows with "cat proc/cpuinfo" and getting this on many of them. I have at least one that I knocked down to a single thread and still see it. I adjusted all the maxmems to match well less than what "top" shows free. Most of the machines have 4GB RAM.

I forgot to ask, in the allocation message, is the size given what is wanted or what is available?

Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
I have seen GMP-ECM processes getting killed when that happens (usually in stage 2, of course). Not sure what does the killing, maybe the operating system?
These messages are at just a few minutes into a run, when a full stage 1 will take several hours. This makes it "seem" that it hasn't anything to do with stage 2, but since stage 1 isn't supposed to use much memory and I should have a fair chunk, it's puzzling to me.

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