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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
The reply was almost totally devoid of information. It is hand-waving nonsense.

The OP's question may be answered by reading my joint paper with Sam Wagstaff Jr.:
A Practical Analysis of ECM, Math. Comp.
If he only wants the relative odds, the only thing he needs from your paper is the discovery that the response curve is flat - I gave him that and told him how to use it.

I also laid the groundwork for why he would need your paper. I suspected he would not want that level of detail, but it appears I was wrong about that. I'm a little to slow to actually recommend the paper because of the error in the rho function at the beginning. It's a great paper for the sufficiently savvy to get the concept, and you have assured me that the results used the correct rho function. But the error can be a stumbling block for anyone hoping to get numeric results from the paper.
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