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Originally Posted by Stargate38 View Post
If interpreted as either Base-25 or Base-30, it's prime:

M2133277 (Base-25) = 134776610807 (Base-10)
M2133277 (Base-30) = 482624813017 (Base-10)
Hmm. I get something quite different.
2133277 (Base 25) = 499,267,057 (base ten), which is prime per;
2133277 (Base 30) = 1,484,813,017 (base ten) which is divisible by 61, so the corresponding Mersenne number is composite also, divisible by M61.
(base conversions performed with; confirmed with
The corresponding Mersenne numbers would have ~150,000,000 and ~447,000,000 decimal digits, respectively, not 12.
M499267057 has no factor below 273 greater than 1.

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