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Originally Posted by ixfd64 View Post
Any chance we could write PRP results to results.txt too?

I understand that results.txt has been deprecated in favor of the JSON file, but it would be nice to have data that is more human-readable. Or as a compromise, could we have an option to "pretty print" the JSON strings?
If by pretty-print you mean presenting JSON over multiple lines with indenting and such then no, as this will break manual results which is based on the assumption that one-line=one-result.

I have no objection if George wants to add output to the non-JSON output, but support for any new format will not be added to manual results parsing (we don't want users submitting less data).

I'm curious what part you find less-than-readable about the JSON results? If it would be universally considered helpful the JSON elements could be re-ordered without causing any problems.
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