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Originally Posted by greenskull View Post
Oh, no!..

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For me, the question remains -- how assignments with long overdue deadlines will be processed.
Will they be forcibly taken away from the previous owners. Whether they will be processed from scratch or from the point where everything stopped.
If the latest date is October 10, then does this mean that the cherished date will not come earlier than this moment.
Oh, yesss.
A little late to be learning the rules of operation for the system you've made predictions about.
Don't know where you get October 10 from. Estimated completion, for an exponent that will expire and get reassigned far sooner, so the current estimated completion is irrelevant, perhaps.
Run a line through the uppermost red x in your plot, at the slope of your red prediction line, and get ~Oct 5. Way outside +-25 days from Nov 16.

Originally Posted by greenskull View Post
Ok. Thanx!
This means there are rather big chances that my prediction will come true.
Um no. It means there are 17 small chances, for which multiple things would have to go your way to produce unexpectedly long delay. Nov 16 is far enough away that multiple successive assignments on the same exponent would need to expire before completion, and at least one of them would need to start reporting progress before stalling. That, after assignments go only to Cat0 qualified systems known reliable at not having expirations for the past 4 months. Read and understand the Cat0 assignment requirements. Plus it also requires that no one poaches the stalled exponent(s).
An initial delay of a day or two or three from assignment to start of progress is normal in prime95 or mprime. See prime95's days of work to queue up setting in Options, Preferences.

FYI there is hardware that can do such LLDC or the equivalent PRP/GEC/proof-generation, in several HOURS.
2021-03-16 09:37:08 asr2/radeonvii0 57034589 LL        0 loaded: 0000000000000004
2021-03-16 09:37:51 asr2/radeonvii0 57034589 LL   100000   0.18%;  431 us/it; ETA 0d 06:49; 51ebf4cd88bbcb14
2021-03-16 16:27:55 asr2/radeonvii0 57034589 LL 57034587 100.00%;  453 us/it; ETA 0d 00:00; c6d59ecf237f149e
2021-03-16 16:27:55 asr2/radeonvii0 waiting for the Jacobi check to finish..
2021-03-16 16:28:10 asr2/radeonvii0 57034589 OK 57000000 (jacobi == -1)
2021-03-16 16:28:10 asr2/radeonvii0 {"status":"C", "exponent":"57034589", "worktype":"LL", "res64":"c6d59ecf237f149e", "fft-length":"3145728", "shift-count":"0", "program":{"name":"gpuowl", "version":"v6.11-364-g36f4e2a"}, "user":"kriesel", "computer":"asr2/radeonvii0", "aid":"74720917554D8F6A27FABDFF1149FFC1", "timestamp":"2021-03-16 21:28:10 UTC"}
Actual duration 16:28:10 - 09:37:08 = 6:51:02 (h:mm:ss)
Add ~2.7% or ~11 minutes for 57.75M: ~7 hours 2 minutes.
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