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(Sung to the tune of "My Darling Clementine")

Here's a fable of a stable
And a stallion young and strong,
Who did badly, because sadly,
I could not cure what was wrong.

Ivermectin, ivermectin, is the drug I couldn't buy.
Now I have to call the knacker,
'Cause my horse is gonna die.

He got pinworms, he got roundworms,
He got horse bot flies.
It was plain that it was curtains,
Just by looking in his eyes.


First he whinnied, then he whimpered,
Then he wasted all away.
Then he wobbled, now he's toppled.
He won't last another day.


I can forgive you who bought it
You were put under a spell.
Opportunists, you who cast it,
All of you can go to hell!


[REPRISE] Now I have to call the knacker
'Cause my horse is gonna die.

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