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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
Probable artifact of CRLF in an otherwise unix-style (LF-only) file? Does YAFU make any attempt to check whether new "tune" lines are being inserted into windows or unix style ini files, or does it always use one style (which?)
I don't think the extraneous characters are anything to do with YAFU. They happen to me when I edit my posts to the board for all my scripts, too.

To be clear the yafu.ini file has no noticeable extra spaces or additional line termination as displayed by gedit and no extra spaces show up for my initial copy/paste to a message block. They only appear after I make a change somewhere in the post and review it. I can copy/paste a block of text and it shows up correctly, then preview and edit something and the extra character(s) show(s) up. I don't think it is my copy/paste because the artifacts don't show up immediately, only after editing within the board's window. But, I'm open to any thoughts.

Example test:
line one.
line two.
line three.
line four.
 line one edited.
  line two edited.
line three edited.
line four edited.
I typed the above two blocks directly into this message and both looked like the first one. Then I typed in the first edited and copy/pasted the other three. Now it has extra "junk."

Thanks for all suggestions.
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