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Originally Posted by ssybesma View Post
Selling my sticks and buying 12 more capable machines is out of the question.

I don't know what D was.
Selling 12 unsuitable sticks might fund buying 1 or few pieces of capable hardware that could match the aggregate output of the 12 sold, and relieve the space crunch, and simplify administration. As always, your kit, your wallet, your call.
I just bid on another used GPU. We can sometimes buy whole used GPUs or used workstations for what some compute sticks sell for. You didn't give any model numbers so it's hard to guess what yours might be worth. Found your 4/12/2019 review of Intel STCK1A8LFC at $99/unit new, $85 used, 1 listing each on eBay tonight. So, ~6 year old hardware design.

D clarified in its post.

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