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Preceding post's output error occurs in results.txt but not console output. Don't know if that's due to Ernst's source or some wayward edit at my location.

Due to typos or batch script editing oversights, it's possible to enter bmax such that the computed kmax < 1. Mfactor identifies these as possibly kmax > 264.
mfactor-base-nw.exe -mm 2203 -bmax 1295  1>>mm.txtINFO: using 64-bit-significand form of floating-double rounding constant for scalar-mode DNINT emulation.
Apr2015 mi64_div quicktest passes.
mi64_div quicktest passes.
INFO: No factoring savefile t2203 found ... starting from scratch.
ERROR: at line 1698 of file ../factor.c
Assertion failed: Something went wrong with the computation of kmax ... possibly your bmax implies kmax > 64-bit?

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