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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
You are correct, I could not believe it but tested it myself. That's dumb. I have not tested this before I uploaded it, sorry. Running it without parameter will give this (this is tested):
AffinitySetter [options] {process name}

  -h           Shows help and exits.
  -i {number}  Increment of cores to set affinity to (default: 2).
  -m {number}  Maximum number of processes to set affinity of at one given time (default: number of cores / 2).
  -q           Hides the console window.
  -s {number}  Zero-based first core to set affinity to (default: 1).
  -t {number}  Thread count of each process (default: 1).

Remarks: This program assumes HT. If not, you will have to specify -i, -m and -s manually.
         The program will only work up to 64 logical cores.
So if I have 7 copies of llr running, what parameters do I use to ensure that they are running on the performance cores? That assumes that performance cores (with HT) are 0-15.
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