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Default Repunit cofactor R337

Originally Posted by wreck View Post
There are some special effort at repunit number (10^n - 1).

Kurt Team (Bo Chen, Wenjie Fang, Alfred Eichhorn, Danilo Nitsche, Kurt Beschorner, et al. ) aim at factoring

these number use snfs and gnfs, until last year we have polish most number snfs less than 300 and gnfs less than 200.

Now we are factoring snfs less than 310 and gnfs less than 210.

10,337- gnfs 202 is within our reach, I have suggest the team to factoring this number after the relation collect of

10^459 - 1, a snfs 306 number. In principle, we could factor this gnfs 202 with 12 months.

If Kurt and other members accept my suggestion, we will send Sam an email to reserve this number.

Yousuke Koide concentrates at 10^n+1, where n is between 400 and 800, using method ecm and nfs.

It would better if the duplicate effort could avoid.

If you still want to factor this number, we will not select this number as our next target.

I found 3,748+ c204 is also less than 210, perhaps you could factoring this number, I and Kurt have

no interest to this number.

Best regards,

Bo Chen
Dear forumites,
Kurt Beschorner's team ( is days away from cracking R459/C221 by SNFS and 40% in the GNFS sieving for R1740M/C204. Slowly but surely we are selecting our next repunit cofactor to work on. One of the candidates is R337/C202.
If nobody is actively working on this number, could we please reserve it for Kurt's team?
Since the discussion in late February 2020 (see wreck's message above), did anybody try to polyselect for this C202?
I ran CADO with standard parameters for a day and found a mediocre baseline poly (2.39e-15), the 2018 record belongs to fivemack (3.665e-15).
If nobody minds our reservation, we would really appreciate your help in polyselecting, especially on the msieve side.
I will run CADO with improved parameters and spin up all good candidates as always.
Please let us know, here or via PM.
Stay safe,
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