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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
You quoted Happy5214 in the same way I'm quoting you.

You clicked on the "Quote" button, not the "Post Reply" button.

Technical point in that your text clearly addressed the OP, not the person you quoted in the technical sense.
Point taken. This has become an interesting debate over the word "quote".

What I wrote was a follow-on. It was suggested by Happy5214 that the O.P. check whether
4 mod 7 was a cubic residue. I simply extended this to other primes that were:
firstly 1 Mod 6 (as 7 is) and then to all other primes. [And added some admonishment.]

From now on I will try to use the "post reply" button instead of "quote" to avoid confusion when I do not
intend to quote anything.

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