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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
I'd like to hear ideas from others about what I wrote just above. It seems that
a degree 7 polynomial would be better (than degree 6) for Greg to use moving forward
for numbers that NFS@Home is about to undertake.
I test the speed 4 years ago, the result shows deg 7 is much slower than deg 6.
deg 6 need 102 CPU years to collect 1200M raw relations, while deg 7 need 182 CPU years on an i3 CPU.
I attach the poly and test files.
Attached Files
File Type: txt R323_poly_deg6.txt (665 Bytes, 309 views)
File Type: txt R323_poly_deg7.txt (601 Bytes, 298 views)
File Type: gz R323_record_sieve_33_400M_deg6.xls.tar.gz (8.4 KB, 312 views)
File Type: gz R323_record_sieve_33_400M_deg7.xls.tar.gz (8.4 KB, 332 views)
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