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Originally Posted by T.Rex
Hi TravisT, what's wrong with my paper ? I'm playing with numbers. I did not say I've discovered a magic new method for proving primality of any number. I've just defined and studied the numerical properties of a kind of numbers and noticed some interesting possible properties that need proofs. Can you help me fixing the terminology problems you've noticed ? Can you help providing proofs ?
taking the "coefficients" of a "function" seems to be a meaningless statement and caught me off guard when I read it. You're taking the coefficients of the polynomials. Since you're never using L as a function, why word it such? In other words, you're never passing a value to L.

I would talk about a set of polynomials Pn where P0 = x and Pn = Pn-12-2 where n > 0, I'm no expert, so I may be abusing notation as well.

I haven't had time to look at more than a few of the conjectures you've posed, the first few seem like they can be proven (or disproven) without too much effort
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