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I'm still here. Being a diabetic means that on occasions I have to pay more attention to my health than other things when my sugar level are higher than normal for more than a day. I had not finished the response of Nf5 to Bh3+ being following with g4 when I saw the posting of our move. I had figured you both had come to an agreement about Bh3+. I was hoping for some extra time to go thru some more what ifs in that line. Right now this a transition from the middle game to an end game such that when any exchange of material has to be considered with how will the remaining will work to achieve a win. I would suggest that 2 days before our response is needed that we at least reduce the number of replies to a reasonable number in this case I saw only 2 moves Rb6+ (winning on the Q-side) and Bh3+ (with the possibility of winning on either side thus requiring a much deeper analysis) Besides I don't think g4 is the best response to Nf5.
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