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... and LaurV, [U]I've discovered another previously-unanticipated Black response to 34 Bh3+[/U] that we've not yet analyzed for its full implications!
Your hasty, unauthorized action may have cost us a win.

You did not have agreement of other team members either to post a move this soon before our deadline, or to post that particular move .. [U]and you had previously been warned not to be hasty in posting moves before we had full team agreement.[/U]

In view of all that, I'm considering (but have not yet actually taken this step) formally requesting that our team be assigned a new captain, or formally resigning from this team myself [strike](but have not yet actually taken that step, either)[/strike].

Update: I've officially posted that I'm resigning from this team.

- - -


You've thrown away the hours of work I put into analysis of this move -- which is not yet finished. So, it seems that I'm no longer needed on this team. Good bye.

I'm now deleting the note where I recorded the password for this discussion, so that I won't post here again.

Remember, LaurV, it's not just that you posted prematurely this time, it's that you posted prematurely this time _after I specifically warned you not to do that_ and _after I made that warning not just once, but multiple times earlier in this game._

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