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[QUOTE=LaurV;377044]Yes, usually (and only) after my move is outvoted :-P[/QUOTE]Oh ... that makes sense,

[quote]Now, if you are optimistic about it, I don't mind we being playing any other version, you convinced me over the game that you know your stuff. This is your final, and I am convinced you can play it and win it.

Right now is clear that we can't do better than [B]34 Bh3+[/B][/quote]... and that's just why I came here! A few minutes ago, I discovered a great continuation if they respond with 34 ... Nf5. (And we know that if they play 34 ... K-moves, we give them a great hassle!)

If [B]34 Bh3+[/B]
If [B]34 ... Nf5[/B]

Now, something I glanced at previously, but didn't follow through earlier is:
*** ==> [B]35 g4[/B].

If Black doesn't move the N/f5, we get it. If they _do_ move the knight, we get a lovely little discovered check, and then an instant passed pawn on the sixth rank to cause Black headaches!

[I] Note: This is just my hurried first-draft analysis tree for [B]35 g4[/B], but I wanted to get it posted so you guys can start on it! This tree is going to get very big, because Black has such a wide variety of possibilities that listing _many_ legal moves at certain points will be necessary.
If [B]35 ... Bd4+[/B]
If [B]36 Kh1 ????[/B] (NOT 36 Kg2 Nh4+ 37 Kg3 g5)

If [B]35 ... Nd6 36 ????

[/B]If [B]35 ... Ng3 36 hxg3 ????

[/B]If [B]35 ... Ne3 or or Ne7 or Ng7 or Nh4 36 g5+[/B] and now we have two branches, depending on Black's king move:

If [B]36 ... Kd5 or Ke5 or Ke7 37 gxh6[/B] and?

If [B]36 ... Kf7 37 gxh6[/B]
If [B]37 ... Kg8[/B]
If [B]38 Rb7[/B] and now Black has a wide variety of possibilities, so I'll just list every legal move:
If [B]38 ... Ba1 or [/B][B]Bb2 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Bd4+ 39 Kh1 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Be5 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Bf6 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Bg7 39 Rxg7+ ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Bh8 39 ????[/B]

If [B]38 ... Nb1 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Nb3 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Nc4 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Ne4 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Nf1 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Ndf3+ 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... g5[/B] threatening ... Ng8 [B]39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Kf8 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Kh8 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Nhf3+ 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Nf5 39 ????[/B]
If [B]38 ... Ng2 39 ????
- - -

I have to go to an appointment soon, so I'll leave this messy tree as is for right now.

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