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Page updated.
Many thanks to all for your help !
Please let me know if you notice any errors.

Added bases : 51, 52, 54, 55, 276, 552, 564, 648, 660, 720, 966.
New contributor to the calculation : henryzz as HRZ, that we already knew for his contribution in theory !
Several finished sequences have been added on old bases, sometimes quite small (5, 6, 7...)

I have not yet added the bases 120, 306, 396, 696, 780, 828, 888 and 996.
Let me know if someone finishes initializing these 8 new bases.

Unless I'm mistaken, for all bases smaller than 9699690, there are only bases 276, 552, and 966 (all three are Lehmer five sequences) that do not have non-trivial sequence ends.
But this must be a coincidence, because we have small bases like base 41 that have only one non-trivial sequence ending.
We will still have to observe this closely.
And we will have to calculate the odd exponent sequences of bases 276, 552 and 966 to find some that end on a cycle or a prime number !
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