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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
The forum currently uses half of its allocated storage. Moving beyond that requires a total system change. We haven't done the change because we don't know what will break and also because we are lazy.

So we are letting things ride as they are while hoping that the day to change over never arrives. Keeping file attachments "small" helps.

How hard would it be to re-compress all zip into .tar.xz (or LZMA/2 .7z if you must)? Zip is archaic, it doesn't matter that it can support more modern algorithms if DEFLATE is still mostly what's used for compatibility. I'm all for annoying windows users that can't be bothered to install a proper archiver (if I was the compression czar I'd rule with a well-compressed iron fist).

While we're talking formats, JpegXL (.jxl) should become the new standard image format for lossless and lossy images (by merit, standardisation and common sense, so I give it a 50% chance). It can losslessly recompress lossy jpegs with a significant size saving, and is far better than png at compressing lossless images. I encourage compression nerds to try it out even though it's going to be many years before it's commonplace in the wild.
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