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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Max and others, what do you think about getting the drive started on late Tues. or Weds. or Thurs. for n=350K-352K with sieving only at P=1.4T or 1.8T?
Okay, I like that idea!

BTW @Carlos: Thanks for the offer of running a server, though that probably won't be necessary since we already have had a G8000 server all pre-readied for this effort. However, yes, we'll definitely keep you in mind in case we need any more. (For these smaller k/n pairs, server load is somewhat higher than it is at the higher k/n pairs, so we may very well need a second server for this range.)

Hey, I just thought of an idea: how about, in addition to any LLRnet servers that we have going for this range, I run a PRPnet server for it? I'm beginning to get the hang of how this whole PRPnet thing works now, and I'm planning to write some scripts later today to ensure that PRPnet will fit into our existing stats and status-page setup. Setting up a second server for the 9th Drive would not be hard at all. Not to mention that PRPnet uses LLR 3.7.1c for numbers on power-of-2 bases.

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